2017 Ski Trip

Evening Entertainment Program:

So far this week we have had an enjoyable après ski program. On Monday evening we had a quiz which involved 8 rounds including a couple of picture rounds including a round on emojis. We went bowling on Tuesday evening that also included an arcade and pool tables. Jack Hodgson won the bowling with an excellent score of 150 followed by Alfie Owen with 125. On Wednesday evening we had a pizza night at a local pizzeria. We will be visiting the local town – Aosta on Thursday afternoon and having some Italian ice cream. The boys are having a superb time and are pleasure to have on the trip. We will be taking more photos tomorrow on the slope as today has been action packed skiing. Mr Waight is busy creating a video from footage off his goggles with an in built camera as well as other boys and their Go Pro’s.


Today the advanced ski group showed an outstanding performance throughout the day. Not only did each and every member show control but they also managed to improve their technique. Adam Wynne and Harry Martin showed such excellent carving skills that they even looked like natural skiers! Adam has also perfected his 360 spins, however with success comes failure, and he has fallen while attempting this impressive stunt .Finlee Carman developed a long lost skill called “control”, well today he discovered that much to the relief of the group. It seems like “bombing it down” was not on the agenda for today! Ben Sellors, while being year 8, managed to keep up with the pace of the year 11 and is being looked after by the year 11’s; not that he needs to be of course. Harry Stevenson has shown great improvement with him overall posture and control, while still maintaining his impressive suave nature. Mr Waight and Mr Miller joined the advanced group for the day and did not slow down the pace one bit. Mr Miller, like Mr Carman has discovered many great things today such as “control” and “technique”. The advanced group, bamboozled by this congratulated his newly found talent and wish to see more of it. The advanced group fear no run be it black, red or blue they will take on anything; even going backwards! However all of this is due to the amazing Interski instructor: Joel. He has taught this group many great things such as the newly discovered carving and pole planting and is mesmerised by the performance of the friendly group.

Boarding Group
Before lunch we were practicing turns on the red slope with Henry and Tommy this went badley for me because I caught an edge which put me on my face. After lunch we went on the cat runs down the hill and met up with the other group – Andrew Wilson

During the advanced group session we where trying to cover as many miles as possible to do this we decided to do one of the longest runs on the slope, this was almost 8km long and took quite along time ; in the process of the run there was one black slope and the rest where reds ending in a blue slope. After lunch we decided to take it a bit easier as our legs where hurting quite a lot from the long run. We met with the level 3 group and made our way to one of the natural half pipes; Joe and Andrew managed to achieve it first try when Tommy and Henry got stuck just half way through. After walking back up the long hill we all gave it another go, Joe made it first try but Andrew, Tommy and Henry just fell near the end. After this we made it to the bottom hitting a few jumps and drops on the way.

Joe Francis and Andrew Wilson


Today was an a great day of achievement for the advanced skiing group, our day was centred on correcting issues with posture and keeping control of speed, to which I didn’t comply with whilst making only 4 turns down a black run. As well as underestimating the power a of a chair lift, my pole became caught and I suspended briefly from the floor as Harry and Ben left the lift, we also saw many admirable falls the best coming from Mr Miller, as we awaited the arrival of him and Mr weight we saw as only what I can describe as a helpless figure sliding then coming to a sudden stop that followed a back flip. Futher more we had lessons on carving today, this delicate and difficult skill proved difficult but everyone made vast progress.

By Finlee Carman



We are uploading pictures to the gallery page throughout the days.

We have had a lovely first day skiing Pila. Over the weekend there was fresh snow and this has lead to excellent pistes to ski. The temperature was cool this morning but picked up and we had the sun out in the afternoon.

There are 4 groups for Hayesbrook- beginner skiier, beginner boarders, intermediate and advance boarders and intermediate and advance skiers. I will be getting the boys to write on the blog this afternoon detailing their days and adventures! All boys had a wonderful day are pretty tired and showering and resting now. Dinner is at half 6 this evening. The food is amazing and plentiful. We have a quiz night this evening with some cool prizes up for grabs, these include an Interski hat and socks, sun glasses and gloves!

Check out the gallery pages! Thanks for keeping up to date with the trip! Mr Waight.

Beginner Boarder Group

Alfie, Jack, Miles and George all started the day with the basic of going down the beginner slop on the toe and heel edge several times so that they could really grasp the technique. They then moved onto turning on both toe edge and heel edge and then again repeated several times. Finally they all tried to move from toe edge to heel edge in one swift turn/motion. They made great progress and thoroughly enjoyed the day!

Beginner Skier Group

Hullo. This is two persons from the beginner group who is writing what you read now. We had an instructor (obviously) with the name of Ella. She taught us about how to applying pressure to skis along with switching from a ski movement know as ‘snowplough’ (Google search may be required) to having our skis parallel throughout. We also had lunch in a bar/restaurant with yellow writing on its roof. The lunch was very filling, and we specifically had it with hot chocolates. Due to it being the first day of Italia-skiing, over half of our petit group – six in total – fell over, this including one of the people writing this, you will never know which one (on the right.)
After skiing we returned down a Gondola to where the skis, poles and boots are neatly stored. After which, we left and went back to the hotel where we are staying. At the hotel; we had dinner which was very nice and we apparently had a quiz which was “absolutely wonderful.“ This is strange because we wrote this before the quiz began; in which there must be a time machine nearby…

STU (Ski Trip Update)




We are on route to Dover at present. We will keep this blog up dated throughout the week.